IT Service Providers

Due to the complexity of many processes, most companies assign service providers for specific areas. Especially when establishing and maintaining an internal IT infrastructure, companies usually rely on external IT service providers in order to benefit from their know-how.

The parties concerned are often unaware about the fact that complex services are provided by IT service providers in accordance with the regulations of the contract for work and services. As a result, disputes arise between the parties. What were the liabilities? Are the services provided, which were previously not scheduled, a rectification of defects or to be remunerated separately? Such disputes can be prevented before a contract is concluded. Therefore, an IT service provider must exactly describe and define their services.

Executing larger IT projects requires a certain understanding of technical contexts. MORGENSTERN’s attorneys specialised in IT law and IT consultants are able to cover all possible aspects. In this respect, focus is on drafting individual contracts and general terms and conditions, the support of IT projects and, in the event of a dispute, the judicial representation.

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