Software Manufacturers

As digitalisation continues progressing, new software solutions for various areas are in demand in every company. Although there is conventional software for specific activities that probably never will be replaced, competition is strong, especially in newly developed business areas, for example, data science or artificial intelligence.

Software manufacturers, however, have to deal with many issues. Contracts with freelancers have to be drafted precisely to obtain all rights of use and distribution. The use of open source components must be regulated in order not to lose own intellectual property rights. In the case of customer-related projects, particular attention must be paid to defects and customers’ approval.

Furthermore, the preparation of contracts under privacy law is important. The activities of software manufacturers towards their customers often represent a so-called order processing, which must be drafted formally correct with the respective contract.

MORGENSTERN advises various software producers on the design of business models, drafting of contracts with customers or freelancers as well as on the implementation of privacy and IT security requirements. The attorneys specialised in IT law benefit from years of practical experience and internal support by IT consultants.

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