Compliance & Competition

Ethical and moral actions are not only relevant for society and image. In some areas, the legislator has defined a scope of action that should not be exceeded.

This applies both to the free market and related competition, as well as to defined standards and specifications, for example in the area of sustainability or environmental protection.

Competition is, of course, heavily regulated by the legislator. Here there are laws, the violation of which can lead to severe penalties.

However, violations of industry- and company-specific requirements can also result in massive warnings.

It is important to avoid both, and MORGENSTERN will be happy to assist you!

These services mainly include

  • Competition Law
  • Antitrust Law
  • Compliance
  • Trademark Law

This offer is mainly directed to

  • Software Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Banks and Finance
  • Industry and Trade

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