Contract Design in the Digital Area

A contract between two or more parties is the basis of any business. And like almost every other area, digitalization is getting more and more involved. What used to be a handshake, a verbal agreement or a signature is now a set check mark, a click of the mouse or the presentation of an ID card in front of a webcam. Of course, this change makes many things easier, but of course it also offers room for mistakes – especially mistakes of a legal nature.

Not every procedure is suitable for every contract. Let alone approved. And before you possibly conclude a contract that loses its validity due to a lack of legal authorization, it is better to get a partner on your side who can help you implement digital contract design in a legally secure manner. Your partner could be MORGENSTERN!

These services mainly include

  • IT Law
  • Internet Law
  • Data Protection Law
  • Trademark Law

This offer is mainly aimed at

  • Public Sector
  • Social Institutions
  • Banks and Finance
  • IT Services
  • Tourism

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