First Movers and Innovators

Visions of individual founders or companies have brought us as a society to where we are today. Technical innovations always mean a big step forward – not only for the developer or discoverer. So who will be the next Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? Of course, we don’t know that either. But what we do know is that groundbreaking ideas need support. You don’t want to be set back in the development phase by legal mistakes and their consequences, nor do you want to violate applicable law with the final product or result. Since it is in the nature of things that for first movers and innovators only in the rarest of cases are there even rudimentary precedents, a basic legal check is more than just advisable.

These services mainly include

  • Copyright Law
  • IT Law
  • Competition Law
  • Trademark Law

This offer is mainly directed to

  • Software Producers
  • IT Services
  • Banks and Finance

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