Legally Compliant Digitization

Introducing new software and digital processes should make everyday (work) life easier. You do that, too! However, you should always consider whether the implemented applications can also cause no legal difficulties. Especially with providers from non-EU countries, there are often problems with DSGVO compatibility. It can help to have a lawyer read the terms and conditions before you make a sometimes very costly mistake. But even beyond pure digitization, there are points where you should protect yourself legally. For example, the automation of supply and production chains offers some potential conflict scenarios – especially in the area of data protection and data processing. With our help, you can avoid these risks, no longer have to worry about them, and can devote yourself to your core business.

These services mainly include

  • IT Law
  • Internet Law
  • Data Protection Law

This offer is mainly for

  • Online Stores
  • Banks and Finance
  • Trade and Consumer Goods
  • Public Sector

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