Our Compensation Approach

The legal industry “enjoys” the reputation of sometimes generating inflated bills. We do not want to judge whether this is true or not. But we want to show you which approach we have chosen.

Adaptive Tree

The traditional compensation model in the legal industry involves two factors that are multiplied together – working hours x hourly rate. Due after invoicing.

The problem, from our point of view, is that this model leads to high costs and low transparency. That’s why we wanted to design a new method, which we called Adaptive Tree. Strange name for a compensation model? What has long been common practice in the IT industry, we also want to implement in legal consulting. We want to plan on a project basis, work on a project basis and bill on a project basis. This helps both efficiency and transparency. We don’t want to charge you for a complete package that you might not need. You don’t get all the roots, which are preparations, but only the ones you need. You get the trunk, in the form of legal advice, and you get the branches and twigs, in other words, the individual measures that will lead you to your goal. That’s why Adaptive Tree. Because we build our service portfolio like a tree, but everyone only gets the part they really need – and they should only pay for that.

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