Media Law

With the progressive technical change, certain areas of law are becoming more and more important, including media law, which deals primarily with issues in the areas of press, radio, music and film.

Whereas print products, picture or sound carriers previously were considered as media for infringements, today the Internet in its diverse structure provides a completely different platform. Infringing statements are spread quickly and unhindered via Facebook or Twitter and protected contents are provided in file-sharing networks. Rating platforms enable consumers a space for (justified) criticism, but are often abused in a way that damages businesses. Cyberbullying has also become a major issue, especially among the younger generation. Anonymity on the Internet can make prosecution considerably more difficult.

Media law as an interdisciplinary subject is closely linked to copyright law, trademark law and Internet law. Especially those working in a creative sector, such as photographers, journalists or software developers, must consider to protect their works when passing them on or granting rights of use by drafting the correct contract.

MORGENSTERN focuses, in particular, on the following areas in media law: