Law firm

MORGENSTERN is not an ordinary law firm as there are no ordinary personalities working. The team consists of young and highly motivated employees who want to convince every day anew with their performance – no matter in which position. MORGENSTERN’s lawyers and certified expert attorneys advise and represent companies, discerning individuals as well as local authorities and public bodies nationally. Due to the influence of European law in the focus areas, companies in neighbouring countries such as Austria, France or Switzerland are also among the clients of the law firm.

MORGENSTERN combines outstanding quality of legal advice with maximum practicability and stands for a distinctive can-do and hands-on mentality, which is in demand from start-ups to international corporations.

The law firm concentrates on the essentials: advice in its exclusive focus areas. MORGENSTERN has offices in Speyer, Coblenz, Constance and Hamburg. Accordingly, structures are kept lean and communication is usually done electronically – of course, in consideration of privacy and data security, if necessary, in encrypted format.

Legal proceedings are sometimes unavoidable. Years of practical experience regarding judicial enforcement or defence against claims is therefore an important factor for the success of MORGENSTERN. The focus here is on a reasonable litigation that includes due specific facts of the case and the actual chances of success in individual cases.