Privacy for turkish companies

1. Request meeting

We are going to be in Izmir and would like to meet you in person.

  • For individual advice on building a data protection organisation that complies with the GDPR.
  • For individual advice regarding the requirements for certification.
    Get “GDPReady”.
  • For individual advice regarding the EU representation.
  • For individual questions about privacy in the company.

Please contact our coordinator Aslihan Öztürk directly for your preferred date and our conditions.


2. Privacy workshops

GDPR and the consequences for Turkish companies (1/2 day)

Learn the basics of the GDPR.
Which requirements have to be implemented?
When do Turkish companies need a representative in the Union?
What penalties and fines are imposed for infringements?
And how can personal data be transferred legally secure to Turkey?

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Building a data protection organisation (2x 1/2 day)

Find out now how you can implement the project “privacy” in your company.
From outside of the organisation (privacy policy for website and social media, privacy information for customers) to the inside of the organisation (obligations of the controller, data processing, maintaining records of processing activities, responding to data subject requests, data breaches, employees’ confidentiality obligation, TOM).

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Privacy in the company (2 hours)

This privacy training is also suitable for your employees.
Learn the basics of privacy law.
What do you and your employees have to consider particularly in your company?
When is data processing permitted?
And how can data processing be made secure (risks and typical vulnerabilities)?

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3. Website check

We will check your online presence.

We will check your website and your social media channels and show you where there is a potential risk. Adapt your privacy policy to the actual processing operations and integrate the references to the mandatory information according to Art. 13 GDPR in a legally compliant manner. Furthermore, we will analyse your cookie banner and check whether it complies with legal requirements.

Prices: from 1,680.00 EUR (depending on the website)

Request your website check from our coordinator Aslihan Öztürk today.


4. Privacy policy check

Adapt your privacy policy in compliance with the GDPR!

We will review your privacy policy and adapt it to the actual processing operations on your website. In addition, we will give you instructions on how to integrate it in a legally compliant manner.

Prices: from 890.00 EUR

Request your privacy policy check from our coordinator Aslihan Öztürk today.


Do you have any further questions?
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Your personal contact Aslihan Öztürk will be pleased to assist you.
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